God has granted me this child

1 Samuel 1:27 New International Version (NIV)

27 I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.

As a volunteer in healing and prophetic ministry, I have had the wonderful privilege of standing in agreement and in persistent prayer over many couples, who despite many sad and painful setbacks.  Who have later shared of their great news in announcing to me the that they are now with child, this month I am celebrating again, the arrival of baby number 9. 

Examples 1:

One couple came to us asking for a miracle birth after 5 years of trying, medical tests revealed that  his sperm count was extremely low, during prayer a ‘word of knowledge’ also came to the team and it was discovered that she was holding a guilt that stemmed from a trauma.  The team prayed and asked for healing into that situation and for her to come to terms that she cold not live her life overshadowed by the experience, with healing came forgiveness.   We also prayed for supernatural increase in his sperm count.   Within 7 months she became pregnant and gave birth to a girl.

Examples 2 & 3:

Two separate ladies were prayed for at the same time.  Each of them had sadly lived through multiple miscarriages and were told by the medical profession it was a hopeless situation. 

Neither of these ladies were ever present during the team prayer.

Case A) The mother of one of the ladies came to healing rooms and asked us to pray by proxy. 

Case B) The other lady was a work colleague of a team member, who had asked for prayer but was not prayed over in person.    

After prayer, we were told that sadly both ladies lost yet another child in the early trimester, devastating and painful news for the families.  As a prayer team this would also have shook our faith, but we kept focus to our Christian foundations in scripture and we felt led to keep praying and believing for God to step in and bring about a miracle.  Thus, we kept praying for courage and strength over the families and over time the ladies let us know they were trying again.

18 months later it was announced that these ladies were pregnant and would be keep praying for the safe delivery.  Both had a successful and joyous pregnancy to full term, this time each of the ladies gave birth! 

Case A) a girl

Case B) a boy. 

Each were born 4 months apart in the same year, they celebrate their 10th birthday in 2019.

Example 4:

After 3 years of praying into a lady situation of multiple miscarriages, I am delighted to announce that the Lord has answered our prayers and blessed with the miracle of a new-born baby.  In this instance prayers were conducted over the telephone.

In summary, yes we absolutely do need assistance from the medical profession there is no doubt but also we need to understand the root of the cause which can sometimes be in our DNA, inherited issues, and other physical diagnosis, we have experience that there can be other blockages too sometimes due to emotional, mental and spiritual problems. 

We can’t claim to have the answer for everyone, or to know the root cause of miscarriage, still born or of a child who did not survive many weeks after birth?  However, it is our hearts desire to see every couples to be blessed and holding their child in their arms.  To be a small part of supporting these couples by seeking God through prayers in faith, until the miracle is seen is a great pleasure for me. 



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